Doin’ It in the Hammock

My wife and I took this past week off to head to our favourite secluded island hideaway.   The unexpected Nova Scotia heat wave made this camping paradise the best place to swim away the sweltering heat. Between naps, I got the urge to continue my work on the new album, Well Enough Alone. Thanks to wicked technology such as iPads and I Riggs, I was able  to  finish recording my contributions to the album. My truck then  became my portable, air conditioned, semi-soundproof listening room as I did my final mixing.  Back at home I have uploaded these demos and invited several friends to make musical contributions. 

There are those that claim that technology and electronics have ruined the art of making music? I for on, disagree. This old Bear bear having the ability to take his studio into whatever den I decide to bed down in.




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