Man Without a Band 

I haven't been this excited about music since I first picked up a guitar and played a resemblance of a song. The new album, Keep the Rubber Side Down, released just 24hours ago. What's next?


I find myself in need of a band.

Would you like to perform, record and tour as a member of dirt Road home? I have written 85+ original songs and will soon be embarking on a national tour in a mobile recording studio, to meet and audition musicians coast-to-coast. 

This web series will document the process of auditioning and forming Canada’s newest Rock and Roll embassitors, dirt Road home. 

Its super easy to audition. Submit a YouTube video of you performing along with any dRh demo and send us the link.                 



1. You show a great deal of skill and professionalism with your craft

2. You are available to collaborate, record, and tour

3. You have ,or can obtain, a Canadian passport (for international dates)

4. You love to travel and want to see the world 

5. You think touring with the Glorious Sons would be awesome and dream of opening for the Foo Fighter's 

6. Have a can do attitude and great sense of humour


Hints for Auditions:


1. You can submit multiple videos of you performing along with any dRh demos

    (additional backing tracks are available upon request)

2. Use the existing tracks as an indication of the songwriters desired style

3. Don't be afraid to add your personal flare to the song

4. Tell me about your musical influences and achievements (this can be a separate video upload)

5. I am equally interested in your personality, introduce yourself (this can be a separate video upload)




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