The Spirit of Duane Allman

I went to the local food and craft artisan market this past weekend. I went looking for food. I found the spirit of Duane Allman!


As is customary where peoples gather, a family of local musicians were given a small soapbox at on the west end of the complex. Hungry, my attention was still fully set on obtaining a bowl of chilli. It turns out my ears were also thirsty, recognizing the familiar melody of an Allman Brothers classic, Jessica. If you're not familiar with the song, follow the video link below. If you are, then you already know that the Allman Brothers are a source of awe and  inspiration for endless musicians, including myself. Unfortunately, even after a 25 year affair with my guitar, I am unable to play with the skill of Duane Allman.


The melody caused me to turn my head. ! Up on the stage was a stringy figure wielding an SG and a Slash like fro. What I saw under that shag-a-delic hair dropped my jaw. A young man. I mean really young, Like, only able to grow a dirt stache, young. His name, Reuben Gilbert.


I took the time to chat with him and offer the appropriate praise,letting him know how much I admired his musicianship. The spirit of Duane Allman is alive and well in todays youth.

Before leaving, I dropped a dollar in his guitar case for good karma and a note inviting him to jam sometime?

I hope that he calls. This old BeaR enjoys learning new tricks.


Keeping the Rubber Side Pointed Down,








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