Why does a BeaR Shitin the Studio?

Understandably, there is too Much Shitty Music? 

Why do musicians like dirt Road home release albums that are obviously not up to industry standards?  

The obvious answer is that it is due to the lack of technical resources and financial restraints for the project.  

There have been phenomenal advancements in home based digital recording. With a decent tablet, GarageBand, and headphones - anyone with basic skills can start creating songs.   

After investing your own capital into your basic home studio comes the responsibility of filling multiple roles in the production process; composer, musician, engineer, are a couple of the hats that I wear.  

How about that learning curve  - which continuously implies that you need better microphones, DAWS, computer, monitors, plugins....and experts to mix, master and promote the brand. None of these items are free.  

Yet, this doesn’t explain why dRh releases demo quality recording? 

I humbly release the songs to be critiqued on the merits of their potential. I alone, do not possess the skills to take the music to its fullest. 

The songs are there to entice the right musicians into the band.  

The right musicians will entice the right engineers and promoters.  

The right team will be able to recognize the potential and share in the vision to bring dRh fruition.  

Am I looking for you? 



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