Man Without a Band 

I haven't been this excited about music since I first picked up a guitar and played a resemblance of a song. The new album, Keep the Rubber Side Down, released just 24hours ago. What's next?


I find myself in need


I am thrilled to be in the process of establishing the timeline for the release of 3 dRh albums, Keep The Rubber Side Down, and a re-engineered versions of the Wreckage and Well Enough Alone. This will mean that I…

Why does a BeaR Shitin the Studio?

Understandably, there is too Much Shitty Music? 

Why do musicians like dirt Road home release albums that are obviously not up to industry standards?  

The obvious answer is that it is due to the lack of technical…

Don’t Quite Your Daydream 

Don’t Quit Your Daydream 

“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, But in the long run 

there's still time to change the road you're on” - LED Zeppelin 

The band,dirt Road home, was created to…

I wonder if the Weed was any good in the Garden of Eden?

Just uploaded the video for the second single, Hello, from the forthcoming album, Well Enough Alone, due on October 19th.  

The video is a blastphemist interpretation of the biblical story of Adam and Eve. It’s got sex, drugs, and I…

Countdown to Legalization - Enlightening Canadians 

Howdy dro's,

Uncertain of which pending event I am more excited. The legalization of weed in Canada ( I live in Nova Scotia) OR that I am about to drop the new dRh album, Well Enough Alone.


Doin’ It in the Hammock

My wife and I took this past week off to head to our favourite secluded island hideaway.   The unexpected Nova Scotia heat wave made this camping paradise the best place to swim away the sweltering heat. Between naps, I got…

Well Enough Alone 

Depending on your perspective, “well enough alone” can mean different things.

Quite often it is reflective, a moment of regret.  “I should have left well enough alone. It was better the way it was”.

Then it could be…

The Whiskey and the Damage Done

So, I normally don’t get the urge to do this kinda thing until the leaves silently turn colours and  drift to the ground?. Yet, compelled by forces beyond my control, like the biological urge to hump things, or hibernate, I…

What happens at 4:20 

The countdown is on to weed legalization in Canada. To celebrate, I have penned a new national anthem that reflects some of our better accomplishments as a unified Nation. Now that we are definitely heading to the Chill side of…