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  1. Remember

From the album the Collected Works

From the album, if you can, written, recorded and engineered by dRh, 2015.

BeaR E. Awesome - Vocals
David H. Croft - Percussion
Dillon “Frosty” Winter - Guitar
Travis J. Hatcher - Bass



The look on your face
Says that you don’t know me
Use to be that your touch
Went right through me

I remember
Don’t you remember
All the good times?

When your smile meets my gaze
It fades real fast
That sparkle you once had
Has come and past

I remember
Don’t you remember
The way the stars shine?

I use to think I was your only love
Then you tell that I have got you wrong

Don’t you remember
Well I remember
Felt like I wanted to DIE


Bennett August, 12, 2009